We are Liberated Lit.about liberated lit

We are a group of individuals who have, for whatever reason, found ourselves lacking a true legacy when we came across this opportunity.

The opportunity to conserve and preserve classic literature for generations to come while bringing it into the next iteration of its existence in the form of digital books.

It’s an extremely important job.

We take great pains to preserve the author’s exact words as they were originally published.

Our in-house graphics team uses their expertise to preserve images and illustrations.

Our honest intention is to create a product that is in better shape than when we found it.

We comb through each books dozens of times to ensure nothing is added or taken away from the original text.

We present these projects to you for your enjoyment packaged with love and respect.

Of course we are not the first to recognize the need to prepare classic texts in digital formats to preserve them for future generations.

We acknowledge the efforts of online archives such as Gutenberg.org and Archive.org, and their efforts to digitize so many classic and public domain works.

Without them, the work we do at Liberated Lit would not be possible.

We have a particular soft spot for the homeschooling community, and it’s with them in mind much of the time we are working to bring these texts to digital e-readers in a more user-friendly version.

These classic texts often contain multiple facets and layers designed to teach the reader valuable lessons as they consume the content.

We know this is exactly the type of deep learning that parents who homeschool want for their kids even if it’s just a little reading.

It is with this level of care that we prepare these classic works for you.