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adventures of maya the bee

In The Adventures of Maya the Bee, Maya brings us along as she ventures out of the hive for the first time and meets all sorts of different characters. From a beetle to a dragonfly and everyone in between, not only do we learn about all of the different insects, we also learn about wisdom and character as we journey with Maya. From the serenity of the lake to deep inside the paper fortress of a bunch of hornets. Learn what true loyalty really means in the end! Get the coloring book in PDF format free when you buy as well as links to the audiobook completely FREE!

maya the bee coloring book

Maya is a little bee who goes on many great adventures where she meets all kinds of other insects from beetles to millipedes. Along the way, she also learns many wise lessons. This unique coloring book is a companion to the children's classic chapter book of the same title which you can find over there <<<. Get this book in PDF format free when you purchase that book for Kindle.

This classic book with charming illustrations and old-school limericks is just a fun addition to any child's library. You won't be able to resist the antics of the whimsical cats in this book. You'll meet: Cats playing pranks, going to tea, riding a Giraffe, playing music, cats in a circus, big cats, kittens, cats with no money for the toll, cats in trouble, and a whole menagerie of other cats and animals in fun situations described in rhyme.